Cedars a Thirsty Fire Hazard!

Cedar trees, which can take over your property in a matter of a couple years, are viewed as a constant threat to the long-term production of any yard, ranch or farm.

Cedars look like harmless little trees. But left unchecked, those little trees will eventually produce thousands of seeds and spread across the property like wildfire. As they get bigger and more populous, they will eventually shade out the grassland and crowd out the better varieties of trees. Many pastures where cedars have completely taken over, reducing the grazing capacity by seventy to eighty percent. Mature cedars can absorb about 33 gallons of water a day from the soil which robs the land of their water supply. In a normal year, this is not as much of a problem. But during dry years it can really hinder grass production, which is ultimately what ranching is all about.

In more populated areas, cedar trees can also pose a great fire hazard since they burn so quickly and so hot. The best way is to handle cedars is to cut them down. As long as you cut them down they will not grow back. MD Land Clearing specializes in cedar tree removal and any type tree removal in Oklahoma and texas.


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