Environmentally Friendly

For truly Environmentally friendly land clearing, a forestry mulcher should be used. These innovative machines allow you to clear areas of any size without causing permanent damage to the terrain. Instead of scarring and tearing the land up, mulch clearing offers a much better alternative to bulldozing an area.

Often, the actual building area is not as large as the area cleared. Once the building is in place, the area around it is able to return to nature, more or less. With mulching, this is possible, whereas more conventional clearing methods would require replanting of these areas. Instead, with the mulcher, you’ll find that the land stays fertile, thanks to returning the nutrients to the ground in the form of natural compost.


The forestry mulcher clears areas by shredding or mulching of any trees, stumps or brush into fine mulch and scattering it. This eliminates the need for cleanup and also turns the vegetation removed into something the earth can use, which is as environmentally friendly as you can get when it comes to construction. In addition, laying down a layer of mulch helps prevent erosion from removing the top soil,